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More Retro Dinosaurs

I have no idea what this is but I'm going to guess the book itself isn't half as interesting as the cover illustration.

Nostalgic Dinosaurs

I had a dream this morning that I was watching all the dinosaur related films and tv shows I had when I was small. Most of them were crackly VHS copies filled with random bits of static and audio distortion, I would sit for hours on the floor of our blue carpet living room watching them over and over again until they became so worn out they were almost impossible to watch. As the blurry VHS tapes faded and eventually found their way into the trash, so did my memory of them and they gradually found their place adrift in the murky sea in the back of my mind. But this morning they found me, and as soft waves of nostalgia washed over me I slowly woke up and reached for my laptop. Groggy and half blind I set about looking for them online, and to my surprise they were fairly easy to find. Here we go.

Dinosaurs! (1960)

Stanley and the Dinosaurs (1989)

I'm still working on finding this, all I have so far is an IMDB page and some screen shots of the caveman from Joel Fletcher's website. He worked on the short as a modeler. I don't remember much about the plot other than that Stanley wanders into his local museum where he falls asleep under a massive skeleton and dreams of a world filled with dinosaurs and cavemen, he being a misfit caveman is kicked out of his caveman communityinto the outside jungle where he finds new dinosaur friends.

The Dinosaurs! (1991)

Part 1 isn't available but the other 3 parts are. This series was awesome, great animation and great kitschy 90's music.

Here's part 2
link (google video)

Proto Futurama Theme?

Video for Pierre Henry's Psyche Rock from 1967, later became the inspiration for the Futurama theme song.

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John K's Bjork Video

I'm momentarily lifting my "I fucking hate Bjork status" to post this, the animation is lovely. Her vocals are formless crap, she sounds like she's having an asthma attack.

quick claim

Technorati Profile

Madame Tutli-Putli Trailer

This has been out for over a year now but I thought I would post it anyway since the film has now begun screening.



Coraline Sneak Peek

Not much here, but from what I see in the clip I would say visually the film will be beautiful. However the ghost children shown at the end of the clip show a lot to be desired design wise, they just kind of hang there taking up space.

link (quicktime)

The Miracle of Colormation!

I'm not entirely sure how this was done, it could be that the actors were shot with high contrast black and white film or it could be purely rotoscoped, or possibly a combination of both. Anyway the effect is interesting to say the least. The clip is provided by Something Weird on Youtube and was covered earlier this year by the snobs at Cartoon Brew who proclaimed it "This just in! Another candidate for my Comic Con program,Worst Cartoons Ever!".......yeah, ok assholes.

Singapore Pop

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Stool Pigeon & Annie I'm Not Your Daddy

Kid Creole & The Coconuts preforming Stool Pigeon from 1982. These performances are surreal candy pop artifacts from a magical bygone time called the 80's. Bath in their tropical neon goodness before the lights flicker out.

Cool Exotic Kitsche Les Baxter LP Cover

Singing Sea Shells (mp3)
Sunken City (mp3)

Both the links and the image are from Belly Bongo

Although the cover is exceptionally cool, the music is a uniformly awful undefined mess of bland orchestral strings that fail to evoke even the slightest emotion response. Unfortunately Exotica's key element of "escapism" seems to be missing from this album.

Roadside Dinosaurs of America


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A Non-Christmas Song for Christmas

The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra - Such a Good Night



Bizarre Les Baxter Album Cover

Typical title

Typical exotic femme

Coupled with a strange photo montage of effeminate men, the text explains that they have been mysteriously snatched away from their desk jobs to exotic locations through the power of Les Baxter's "Quiet Village". Featured prominently in the middle of the cover is veteran airline captain "whizzer" Broadsport who according to the text after leaving his "walkup bachelor apartment", hijacked his own airliner and crashed it into the sea near the Antipodes. Where he escaped on raft to parts unknown. Quiet Village is one of Baxter's better records, Simba being its best track, and hey on top of that it has the ability to transform flamboyantly gay airline pilots into hijackers so desperate to escape to the isolated islands of the pacific that they would steal a multi million dollar jet and crash it into the sea.

warm up with Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather for Ducks

A joyful little tune, with a beautifully psychedelic video to match. The dance scene at around 2:40 is especially amazing. I included a link to the mp3 below the video.

Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather for Ducks